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14th birthday of OsmAnd

Β· 2 min read

Happy Birthday, OsmAnd! πŸŽ‰ Come Celebrate with Us and Claim a Gift! ✨


OsmAnd is turning 14! Fourteen years strong, we've upheld our business principles and beliefs. In today's digital era, we prioritize privacy rights. Despite industry pressures, we've stood firm against implementing ads within our app and refrained from engaging in third-party data sharing. Our commitment to privacy defines us.

We're thrilled to have longstanding members who've been with us for years, as well as newcomers who've recently joined our community. We welcome everyone to experience our valuable product, OsmAnd Pro, which is why we're offering either 1 or 3 months of free access to all. Whether you've been with us for a while or are just discovering us, we're excited to have you on board. You can read more about Pro features...

It's time for GIFTS!

To claim your gift, complete our Quiz (5 minutes). This year, we've revamped our quiz to be more enjoyable and less challenging, ensuring that everyone can have fun while effortlessly collecting their gifts. Among the gifts are Pro subscriptions for 1 and 3 months.

Long-term subscriptions are limited, so don’t waste precious time! πŸ‘‰ 14th Birthday Quiz


Participants have until June 6th to complete the Quiz. Gifts will be distributed by June 10th.

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