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OsmAnd 4.2 (Android)

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Hi, Everybody!

After a long break, we are happy to announce the release of the new version 4.2 OsmAnd app for Android devices. You can already update the app and check out the following long-awaited improvements in this new version of the app.

Download online map

New in OsmAnd Widgets​

We've done a lot of work on the widgets and interface of the Configure screen:

  • We redesigned the Configure screen, separating the widgets from the buttons, and spacing the different widget panels more clearly.
  • Added pages for widgets.
  • Duplicates.
  • Combined the widgets from the left and right panels: now any widget that was previously only available in the left panel can be added to the right panel.

Pages and Duplicates for widgets​

Widgets in the Left panel and Right panel can be grouped into Pages.
OsmAnd menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets (Left / Right panel) β†’ Change order β†’ Add pages

Widget page Widget page

You can show Duplicates for the right/left panels at the same time, as well as for each page of widgets.
OsmAnd menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets (Left / Right panel) β†’ Change order β†’ "+" chosen widget

Widget dublicate

True bearing widget​

Added new widgets for "Bearing". Bearing now has 3 separate widgets:

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets β†’ Left / Right panel β†’ Bearing

  • Relative bearing is the angle between your forward movement direction and the target point.
  • Magnetic bearing is the clockwise (horizontal) angle between the magnetic north and the target point observed from your location.
  • True bearing is expressed as the horizontal angle between the geographic meridian and a line on Earth. Specifically, true point bearing is the angle measured in degrees clockwise from the True North line.

Bearing widget Bearing widget

Average speed widget​

The new Average speed widget shows the average speed of the current ride:

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets β†’ Left / Right panel β†’ Average speed

Average speed

The average speed is calculated for the specified time interval. Click on the "Settings" button of the Average Speed widget to select the time interval for which the average speed will be measured:

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets β†’ Left / Right panel β†’ Average speed β†’ βš™οΈ

Average speed

Trip recording widgets​

Added new widgets for "Trip recording". Trip recording now consists of 4 separate widgets:

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets β†’ Left / Right panel β†’ Trip recording

  • Distance/Start-Stop: starts or stops trip recording and shows distance of the currently recorded trip. Clickable widget.
  • Duration: shows the duration in minutes/hours of the currently recorded trip.
  • Uphill: shows the sum of all climbs of the current recorded trip.
  • Downhill: shows the sum of all descents of the current recorded trip.

Trip recording widget Trip recording widget

Location provider​

You can choose which Google Play or "Android API" services OsmAnd will use to determine your location. This can be useful for devices without Google Play services or in case of inaccurate location or altitude data when recording tracks.
OsmAnd takes data from the resources Google's Fused Location Providers and Android GPS and Network Providers.
You can switch Location source in: Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings.

Modify POI, Tag autocomplete

2.5D view for testing​


View 2.5D is a beta version. It is still in the testing phase.

We've added 2.5D view to OsmAnd for Android. Enable OpenGL rendering to run 2.5D view for the device: OsmAnd menu β†’ Plugins β†’ OsmAnd development β†’ Settings β†’ Use OpenGL rendering.

2.5D rendering has squares rendering type.

"Tilt"gesture makes 2.5D view.

2.5D view 2.5D view

Default appearance for favorites​

You can now set the default appearance for new points in Favorites group or change the existing appearance for all favorites points at once.

The appearance can be set when creating a new group or changed for an existing one:
Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Favorites β†’ ⁝ β†’ Change default appearance.

Download online mapDownload online map

Routes on the map​

Selecting a route on the map​

Hiking / Cycling / Travel routes: tap the route symbol, get full route information and download the GPX file for the selected route.

Routes are marked on the map with OSMC symbols. In OsmAnd you can show OSMC symbols and routes in Configure map menu.

Hiking routes Hiking routes

New types of routes​

Added display of Fitness trails and running routes to the map. Can be enabled in Configure map β†’ Routes. Data for these routes are taken from the OpenStreetMap project:

Fitness routes Fitness routes

Online Elevation profile​

Online SRTM feature you can use only with Pro feature OsmAnd Pro subscribers.

This feature allows to calculate Elevation profile for GPX track online by the OsmAnd server:

Track Context menu β†’ Track β†’ Altitude β†’ Calculate online

Transport routestrack-menu_track-tab_altitude-dialogTrack-menu on track tab: altitude

New actions for GPX tracks​

Update Track Context Menu​

Track context menu now shows country or region for the track and track waypoints. Overview tab now has an "Info" card with detailed information about the location and file size of the track.

Transport routesFitness trails

Import Multitrack​

Splitting the multitrack file into individual tracks when importing a GPX track. You need to select the tracks to import. The tracks will then be available in:
My Places β†’ Tracks.

Import multitrack Import multitrack

New items for "Quick action"​

  1. Added "Plan route" tool to the Quick action menu.
  2. Overaly/Underlay changes with arrows:
  • Switched off a layer: ➀"Layer name"

  • Switched on a layer: "Layer name"➀

Quick action Quick action

New "Map style"​

The Map style "Mapnik" has been replaced by the new style "OSM-Carto". This was done because when "Mapnik" was added to OsmAnd, it was identical to the map style on, but we had no way to keep it up to date, so over time it lost similarity to the OSM map style.

Using "Mapnik" will be available after the upgrade but as a custom map style. After a fresh or new installation, you will need to import it for use manually. You can do this by downloading it from GitHub.

Transport routesFitness trails

New POIs​

New POIs and objects have been added to offline maps in 4.2.

OpenStreetMap Editing menu​

  • All OpenStreetMap-related items in Configure Map have been combined into one single group. The "OSM Mapper assistant" option has been split into four separate options: Fixme tags, Note tags, Icons at low zooms, MISSING Android resource: rendering_attr_OSMMapperAssistantWaterwayTunnels_name!.
OpenStreetMap menu: split options
  • Fixed tag autocomplete in "Modify POI" mode.
Modify POI, Tag autocomplete
  • Fixed incorrect link to the OpenStreetMap object in the context menu.

(no screenshot available)

Online maps fixes​

Download online mapDownload online map: progress bars

Other changes​

Download map redesign​

Suggesting to download map in the Search menu.

Map download buttons, directly from Search results

New Coordinate format​

Added support for SwissGrid CH1903 / CH1903+ coordinates system, thanks to our co-author koenigle.
You can change the coordinate format for the profile in:
Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Configure profile β†’ General settings β†’ Coordinate format.

Transport routesFitness trails

New Track Graph​

Analyze on map: Altitude/slope–Distance

New parameter for "RouteΒ lineΒ appearance"​

Added the option to display or hide turn arrows in the Route line settings.

turn arrows visibleturn arrows hidden

Modified "Use elevation data"​

Three options have been added to the Use elevation data option, allowing you to set the preferred terrain of the route: flat, less hilly and hilly. Previously, this option was available only for Bicycle navigation.

Use elevation data: less hilly


Wikipedia article in Hebrew, with pictures

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