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How to Compile OsmAndMapCreator and tools

Compile OsmAndMapCreator

  1. First setup the development environment.
  2. Gradle (command line):
    • Compile with command line
    cd tools/java-tools && ../gradlew build
    • will be produced with all scripts inside Note: android project is required to build tools (it uses OsmAnd-java project).
  3. Eclipse:
    • Preconfigure eclipse projects
    cd tools/java-tools && ../gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse
    • In Eclipse 'Import' - 'Existing projects in workspace' select folders 'OsmAnd-java', 'OsmAndMapCreatorutilities', 'OsmAndMapCreator', 'OsmAndServer', 'OsmAndServerUtilties'. Note: don't select top folder java-tools and instead select specified above projects.
  4. Android Studio / Idea Feel free to make pull request to this documentation and describe how it could be done.
  5. Main classes to execute from IDE:
    • net.osmand.MainUtilities - represents and leads to all possible utilties.
    • net.osmand.obf.BinaryInspector - utility to read OBF files and gives information about it.
    • net.osmand.obf.preparation.IndexCreator - shortcut to generate obf file.
    • net.osmand.swing.OsmExtractionUI - OsmAndMapCreator

Compile Native rendering library for OsmAndMapCreator

Native rendering library could be used to test Offline Rendering or Offline Native Routing. It's very useful to debug and test a rendering style or a routing configuration.

  1. First setup the development environment, see {% link /setup-the-dev-environment %}.
  2. Download external dependencies
    cd core-legacy/externals
  3. Specify JAVA_HOME globally via $PATH or in command line
    export JAVA_HOME=<>
  4. Choose a specific target for OS and compile a specific version 'debug', 'release' or '' (default). Example
    cd core-legacy/targets
    ./ release # macOs release
    ./ debug # linux debug - default
    cd ....baked # like intel-darwin-intel-darwin-clang-release.baked or amd64-linux-amd64-clang-release.baked
    make -j4
  5. Binaries will be available at core-legacy/binaries/. Example:


  • Missing files externals/libjpeg-turbo/ does not exist. If you experience that libjpeg-turbo couldn't compile
targets/.cmake/../../externals/skia/upstream.patched/third_party/externals/libjpeg-turbo/ does not exist.

You can find the files here and put them in the specified folder

Compile qt core version for OsmAndMapCreator

  1. First setup the development environment.
  2. Prepare build (cmake) for specific target. Example clang / linux :
   alias clang='clang -std=c++11'
build/ release
  1. Compile library release
    (cd "baked/amd64-linux-clang-release.make" && make -j4)