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OsmAnd Builds

OsmAnd produces every day multiple Ready-To-Use builds which allows keep track of new features and participate in OsmAnd contributions (translation process).

Google Play Beta builds (monthly)​

The Google Play Store offers to test beta versions of apps, which enables you to (temporarily) download and use the test version from the Google Play Store instead of the standard release version(s).

For OsmAnd this means that you can participate in testing the new OsmAnd free or the new OsmAnd+ paid versions. This enables you to use and test exciting new features. Of course, using a beta version also means that you might encounter bugs or app crashes.

The Google Play Store mechanism also supports the easy return to the standard version from the Google Play Store.

Activating the test version​

Register as tester for the OsmAnd free test version via the following Google Group OsmAnd. Register for the OsmAnd+ paid test version via the following Google Group OsmAnd+ (note: this is only possible if you are a registered user for the paid version)

  • When you click the link to register, you will see a big blue or green panel advertising "Be a test user" (in your defined language).
  • After clicking the "button" you will see the message "You are now a tester" with a green check-mark in front of it (and on repetitive actions it will show "You are a tester").
  • Give Google some time to synchronize which can be anywhere between 10 seconds or 60 minutes.
  • Now you can download the test version, either directly from the Google Play Store, or via your phone/tablet.

Returning to the standard Google Play Store OsmAnd version​

Note that the same registration screen, after having registered, also has a link "Leave the test version". If, after some time, you want to use the current standard release version from the Google Play Store again, proceed as follows:

  • Use the above link again (so you better make this a bookmark/favorite in your browser). The page will still inform "You are a tester"
  • The page also contains the link "Leave the test version".
  • Click that link to then see "You have left the test version"
  • Manually uninstall the test version, either via the Google Play Store or on your phone/tablet.
  • Manually (re)install the current version, either via the Google Play Store or on your phone/tablet.

Note: Before changing to the test version, export your OsmAnd favorites. The new test version should simply continue using the favorites but as it is a beta version for testing, you never know.

Android Nightly Builds (nightly)​

Different builds of OsmAnd should install over any other build of the same strain (older or newer) without any issues, and with all offline data being preserved. The latest development build (not necessarily stable !) for testing can be found here. This will usually update over any other development build of the same development generation. Should trying to update produce a signing or "not installed" error (like if you currently use the market, or want to downgrade to a much older dev build), please

  • export your Favorites first (Menu/Export in the fav list)
  • export your Navigation profiles
  • uninstall the previous version
  • re-install the new development build
  • re-import your Favorites again (Menu/Import) All maps/tracks etc. are kept in place unchanged during this procedure.

iOS Testflight builds (weekly)​

In order to join Testflight beta builds you can follow the link. iOS builds usually are provided weekly (after team sprint demo). They don't have description and could have continuous versioning. They supposed to be stable and ready to use.