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Search is a useful tool for quickly finding locations. You can use search to find a location by address, coordinates, points of interest (POIs), or previous searches. Address search allows you to enter the address you are looking for to get an exact location. Сoordinates search allows you to enter geographic coordinates such as latitude and longitude. POI Search allows you to search for nearby places in specific categories, such as cafes, hotels, or filling stations. And Search History saves past searches for quick access to previously found places. The search feature makes it easy to plan trips, navigate unknown terrain, and find places of interest nearby.

How to use

Search POI list Android

Please note: to accomplish some of these tasks (locate addresses, POI, etc.) you will need to have the offline vector map file. Initially, the search is based on data located on the map in the visible area of the device screen. If you don't find nothing, OsmAnd propose to increase search radius.

For starting search points you need to click to Search button on the screen -> Categories

Categories screen is list of POI categories and additional actions buttons below of the list.

Actions button:

Typical queries:

  • Coordinates all formats
  • Address: "Street, Housenumber", "City, Street", "Street intersections", "City", "Postcode, Housenumber", "Postcode, Street, Housenumber"
  • POI by name and by category with additional filters
  • Favorite/Waypoint search
  • Track search
  • Online (Nominatim) search
  • URL search (google urls, osmand urls)
  • Search history

Search near specific location

Search Android

Favorite search Android

In this search menu (Categories) it's easy way to find your Favorites and Waypoints by searching.

Just you need to enter your favorite/waypoint name, first results will be your favorites/waypoints.

Search Android

OsmAnd Address Search is based on OpenStreetMap data and allows you to find location and directions to a specific address from a ready sorted list, as well as search by postal code or coordinates. This tool allows you to find the required addresses in a few taps, which reduces the search time and helps in case you don't remember the exact address.

Search Coordinates Android

OsmAnd Coordinates Search

History search

Search History is a record of all searches and locations that you have entered or searched for in the app over the period of use. This tool allows you to easily find and access previously searched locations, which makes navigation easier and saves your time.

Search POI Android

In Categories menu user can start searching by typping line.

OsmAnd starts to find names and categories of POI by entered words. First results will be categories, second resolts will be POI with additional info (full name, categorie name, direction and distance to POI, work time). Pressing to needed categorie opens POI list of this categorie.

Tapping to chosen POI in the list opens Map Context menu of POI.

Custom search Android

Online search (Android)

Online search Android

In Categories menu there is the button "Online search". Pressing to this button opens online search menu.

Online search Android

If OsmAnd can not find something you can increase search radius by tapping to "Increase search radius" button.

Or if you don't have any result you can provide feedback by clicking to "Send" button below device screen.

Online search feedback Android