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iOS 4.2 (May 2022)

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iOS beta builds(TestFlight) usually are provided weekly (after team sprint demo). They don't have description and could have continuous versioning. They supposed to be stable and ready to use.

What's new

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  • Route line appearance: added ability to set width and color
  • Tracks: added option for deleting several tracks at once
  • Track context menu: added scroll bar with waypoint groups
  • Public transport: divided additional routes by type with ability to enable one from each category separately
  • Horseback riding: add new navigation type and app profile
  • OsmAnd files are now visible in the "Files" application
  • UX of options "Use elevation data" and "Select elevation fluctuation" was improved, they were combined and renamed to "Preferred terrain", currently available for "Bicycle" and "Pedestrian" profiles.
  • New option "Include heading" for track recording
  • Street name widget: now show road shield and exit number during navigation
  • New Fitness and running routes on the map
  • CarPlay bug fixes, added gestures for touchscreens
  • Fixed import of GPX files from OSF package
  • Fixed import of custom plugins with included files
  • Fixed various crashes in the Route planning mode
  • Fixed crashes during Navigation