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· 6 min read
Download online map

Hi there!
We are glad to announce the release of the iOS app version.
Development doesn't stand still, and now the new improved version is available for installation on your devices! Every day, we work to make the iOS version more complete and as functional as the Android version. Inevitably, mistakes and bugs arise along our way, which we try to correct immediately. Thank you for your support and feedback.

· 4 min read

Great news for iOS OsmAnd users! We're glad to announce the new OsmAnd version for iOS. Update your OsmAnd, check out all the new features and let us know if you like everything! We promise to continue improving the OsmAnd app and make it even more useful for trips and everyday rides to make your life set.

OsmAnd iOS 3.12

· 2 min read

We know that not everyone is able to purchase OsmAnd on Google Play / Amazon store or to purchase maps for OsmAnd on iTunes store due to various reasons, but many of you would still like to support the application by using it and spreading it around the world.

· 2 min read

This is a tremendous example of how a small change in the OpenStreetMap API could make an impact on other applications. As part of our OsmAnd Live initiative, we've collected detailed statistics about OSM changes over the last 2 years. As of today, we've gathered information about all changesets, all users and all editors. What is unique about our stats is that we are also collecting them by multiple world regions.